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We will support your business.

We've worked with large enterprise companies and corporations, as well as small startups in a variety of different industries.

We have all the tools, knowledge and experience available to support you and your business.

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Digital & Marketing Agencies

We have worked with one of the largest and most popular digital and marketing agencies in the World. If you are running a marketing agency often times building your own in-house software development team can be costly and very time-consuming. You will also need to create your technical processes, infrastructure and tools from scratch. If your agency is based in a region where highly skilled technical talent is not readily available that can also be a significant impediment for you and your clients.

We at Delinx have been working with the largest digital and marketing agencies in the World, and we have the tools and infrastructure in place to deliver the best results for you and your clients. You can either come to us with a complete specification and design or have us conceptualize, design and build everything for you from scratch.


Starting from an idea and building a company around it is hard. You have to write a business plan, find investors, build a team and compete with other companies in your industry.

When you start building the software you are going to quickly find out that recruiting the best designers and developer who can turn your idea into a reality is an incredibly hard endeavor. You not only need people with excellent technical skills but you also need people who are nice, outgoing and easy to work with.

We at Delinx are a team with deep technical expertise, and also we know the right questions we need to ask in order to tailor your experience specifically for your project needs.

Our company is based in Bulgaria which is a technological center with a great diversity of talented designers and developers while also offering unmatched price competitiveness due to the lower operating costs in Eastern Europe. If your startup is based in USA, Canada or Europe we can assure you that outsourcing your software development and design to us is going to be a lot more cost-effective than building your own in-house team.

Small Businesses

We know that running a small business is hard. In an environment of completion and constant change, you have to keep your business expenses as low as possible in order to keep your business running.

Most often than not you can’t just throw hundreds of thousands of dollars to recruit the best technical talent. That’s where we come in. You can tell us what you need, and we will construct a ready-to-use solution for you. The best part is that we will not only solve your technical problem, but we will also help you integrate into your business so that you stay as competitive as possible.

Large Businesses, Corporations and Enterprises

If you have an established product and you already have an in-house development team, and you want to expand your company and team into new markets, we can help you by handling part of your development processes.

We have experience with different development workflows such as Scrum, Waterfall and Kanban and we can also adapt to your own workflow that you use.

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